Who is the XpertWriter? Who is Ebarak Hossain?


Yes, you got it right. My name is Ebarak Hossain and I am the XpertWriter. I write SEO-friendly lean content that engages and converts. And, I do inbound marketing using HubSpot platform.

As a freelance content writer, I have been helping businesses craft and market amazing content to achieve their goals. In addition to developing engaging content for inbound marketing, I help clientele making their marketing efforts inbound in order to maximize ROI and reduce marketing cost.

In short, I help my clients generate qualified traffic and leads for their businesses using my superb content writing and HubSpotting prowess.

There are a good number of striking features that set me uniquely apart as your content writer and inbound marketer cum HubSpotter. Continue reading to explore further.

The Expert Content Writer

The XpertWriter develops contents for inbound campaigns, blog entries, social media posts and premium content aimed at driving traffic, lead generation, online visibility, and user engagement.

My mission is to help you talk about the right things to the right audience and create engaging content to draw your prospects in.

I work as a storyteller of your brand and make your stories compelling to your buyer personas according to their journey in the buying cycle.

In the process, I maintain your unique voice and scale with your content needs. So, you can completely hand over your content duties to me and do what you are good at. 

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The Freelance HubSpotter

Frankly speaking, HubSpotting is my favorite passion and I love HubSpotting as much as I love inbound marketing. Yes, I live and breath HubSpot.

A HubSpot certified web designer and inbound content marketer, I work as a freelance HubSpotter and offer the following services.

  • Setting up the marketing platform and fine-tune settings for optimum performance and result.
  • Setting up account, user, goals and inbound marketing strategies.
  • Making your HubSpot up and running for attracting, converting, closing, and delighting your buyer personas.
  • Creating stellar landing page, CTA, blog, and email templates. Building your entire site on HubSpot COS.
  • Managing HubSpot Campaign, from content and SEO to lead nurturing.

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The Inbound Marketer

Apart from being an expert content writer, I am a data-driven inbound marketer who owns the majority of your marketing funnel. I take charge of attracting site traffic, converting traffic into leads, and nurturing leads to close into paying customers.

Here is how I do this.

Using HubSpot marketing automation platform, I build and manage an editorial calendar of high-quality content that pulls right audience to your web properties. I generate qualified leads by converting visitors through CTAs and landing pages. And, then to maximize marketing automation and lead nurturing process, I use email content and social messages.

Finally, I along with your sales team monitor and analyze the outcome using closed-loop reporting in accordance with service level agreement. Refining the conversion process continually is done based on real insights.

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The Guarantee Statement

“Service First - Pay Later”

Yes, I guarantee 100% satisfaction and pay when you are satisfied. Don’t pay if you’re not satisfied. As simple as that - no hidden condition.

You may have noticed that I don’t have any Terms and Conditions page on my site. This is because I am confident of my work standard. I strongly believe that If my work meets your expectation, you will pay. If not, then I don’t expect payment from you. Because like me, you don’t buy things that you don’t like.

So, what is holding you back?