As an expert content writer & inbound marketer cum freelance HubSpotter, I get the following questions asked frequently. However, I am available 24/7 to answer any further questions you may have. So, feel free to throw your questions my way.


Q. Are you the right content writer for me?

A. Probably YES. Because of my education and training, I prefer to write inbound contents related to business and marketing. In general, I discuss with my clients to know more about their buyer personas so I can craft unique and lean content tailored just for their audience.


Q. Do you have any proof / sample works as a SEO friendly content writer?

A. Yes, I’ve written quite a few blog posts on various topics on my blog and on the company blog.


Q. Do you have any certification as a content writer for web and mobile?

A. I am a quick learner and always learning things to keep myself abreast of the industry standard. I have successfully completed the Gymnasium (Aquent) course called ‘WRITING FOR WEB & MOBILE’ conducted by Stephanie Hay. Please see my certificate of excellence.


Q. How far do you understand inbound marketing pioneered by HubSpot?

A. Well, I am a firm believer of inbound marketing. Like the marketing gurus, I sense that inbound methodology is sweeping the marketing world by storm. I also understand that Content Marketing is central to this Inbound ecosystem which is going to replace all traditional marketing methods. Finally, I agree with you that HubSpot is leading the Inbound way of marketing. And, that’s why I have been a very active student of HubSpot Academy and already completed the following courses.

  • Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Content Marketing Certification
  • Marketing Software Certification
  • Design Certification
  • Growth Driven Design Certification
  • Email Marketing Certification   


Q. Apart from content writing and inbound marketing, what other skills do you have that are closely relevant to your profession?

A. First of all, I am a tech savvy content writer and HubSpot certified web designer and inbound marketer. However, in order to become a T-shaped marketer, I have mastered the following skills to help you achieve your marketing goal.

Having said that I confirm you that I have the following technical skills related to my profession.

SEO: I have learned on page and off page SEO, keywords research, and link building and practised them to a number of sites. I am also trained on conducting site audit (technical and content).  

Google Search Console (Webmaster tools): I have learned how to use Search Console to get found on the web and monitor and optimize site’s performance in Google Search.

Google Analytics: As a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certified, I have proficiency in turning customer insights into action and in understanding customer behavior better.

Google AdWords: In order to become a AdWords certified professional, I have successfully passed the AdWords certification exam. Now, I have clear understanding of AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising.

WordPress and Mailchimp: I am power user of WordPress Admin Dashboard, Themes, Plugins, Page Builders, and theme customization. Using MailChimp, I have created a campaign on a WordPress site.    

PhotoShop and Canva: Having completed basic PhotoShop course in ShawAcademy, I can use PhotoShop with confidence. Besides, I am fond of Canva because of its simplicity.

Web Development: Have completed a course on ‘Quick Web Development’, I’ve learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and WordPress. Also learned from Codecademy and w3schools. Please see my Quick Web Development Certificate.  


Q. Do you ghostwrite/ghostblog? Is it confidential?

A. Yes, I do ghostwrite for a good number of business owners on condition of full confidentiality. Ghostwriting is a valid strategy when it comes to content writing and inbound marketing. Many of the big names rely on ghostwriters like me. So, it’s never late to have someone ghostwrite for your blogs or websites?  


Q. Do you promote content you write for your clients?

A. As you may have noticed, I am very active on my social channels and maintain my profiles well. Regardless of the content authorship, I always promote client’s content in my rapidly growing network.


Q. Do you offer revisions for your writing services? Are you flexible to changes/modifications?

A. Yes, I offer 03 free revisions based on your specific suggestions. However, I’ve seen very few clients asked for revision because I always pay attention to detail while accepting the specifications and ask a lot of questions during the process.

I understand that changes / modification may occur anytime and I accommodate such requests for the betterment of the project. Because I want you to be successful in your business.  


Q. Tell us something about your pricing and refund policy.

A. As for pricing, I will discuss the whole project, rate and payment options with you in detail before the work begins. However, for a very limited period of time, I offer payment after delivery. And, regarding refund I haven’t developed any policy yet, because I trust you. If you think the delivered work is not what you asked for, you are always welcome to keep that with you without giving me a single penny. I believe in your judgement.


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