Important Basics of Social Media Marketing

Important Basics of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is increasingly becoming a dominant component of Digital Marketing landscape. No matter how big or small your business or organization is - social media  marketing  plays  an important role in reaching  out to your target audience and building your brand. Due to the explosive  growth of Internet Technology (IT), social media is gaining popularity every day and paving its own way to lead our socio-economic  life.

If harnessed properly, it can give you a competitive advantage over the traditional way of marketing. What you need to know is how to leverage social channels to your advantage. There are a good number of social platforms out there where people are socializing and networking 24/7. But you have to find out channels where most of your target customer are spending their time.


Finally, 96% of today’s marketers use social media to create brand awareness, customer engagement and meaningful relationship with their target audience. Nowadays, this is a must-have thing in almost every marketing plan. In short, social media marketing lets you tell you story in a social manner with the help of high-quality and engaging content.


Important Basics of Social Media Marketing  by Ebarak Hossain, the XpertWriter


Goal Setting in your Social Media Marketing plan

In order to  make  the most of this marketing avenue, you have to create a  Social Media Marketing Plan. And, the very first step to devising a plan is to set SMART goals for your business. Here, SMART is an acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Realistic, and Time-bound. A SMART goal sounds like ‘we want to publish 3 Facebook posts per week and reach a total number of 500 Likes in the next 2 months’. However, you should incorporate more advanced metrics like web traffic referred, lead generation, conversion, etc in your goal.


Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies bridge the gap between your current situation in social media and the desired position in a fixed timeframe. In addition, it defines tactics, budget, roles & responsibilities, actionable items, timelines, and next steps, etc.

The primary aim of your strategies should include clarifying your business goals, scrutinizing your current status in the social landscape, and creating or

optimizing social profiles. Additionally, it will specify your content strategy complying with an editorial calendar. Finally, you will use Analytics to test, and track your progress during the process.

Therefore, after fine-tuning your goals in line with your target audience, you have to go on to implement the rest of the strategies. And, based on your customers’ presence on social channels, you have to create lean content focusing on your buyer persona and their journey. During this process, keep in mind that only great and consistent content makes an impact. So, craft content very carefully in order to engage in a two-way communication and fruitful relation with your customers.


Important Basics of Social Media Marketing  by Ebarak Hossain, the XpertWriter


Rules of Success:

Below is a list of commandments that I think crucial to your success in Social Media Marketing. However, you are always welcome to enrich me and the readers with your valuable suggestions in the comment section.


Listen to your customer

Don’t just start creating content without getting to know your customers' way of thinking and their actual language. First, join the conversation where your target audience is talking about and learn how they talk. To be specific, understand what words they use to discuss things. Then, take part in the conversation with the content they would like to read. So, listening is the first step to understanding your customer's language.


Quality & Concentration

It is also equally important to focus on targeted connections rather than any connections. Try to attract potential customers; not just anyone in the websphere. Narrow down your area of work or service to project yourself as a specialist in what you do.

If you create specialized content that your customers love, then they will also share it with their connections on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. So, focus less on increasing connections but more on quality connections and create amazing content that adds value to the conversation.

Ultimately, search engines treasure content that is shared and discussed across networks and use this in keyword search. Thus, scores of customers will find you online without spending a single penny on Ads.




Network with Influencer

Make every attempt to build and maintain a good relationship with online influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers and may be interested in your products or services. If they share your content within their network, it will definitely have a noticeable impact on your business. Influencer marketing is gaining momentum, especially in Internet Marketing. Therefore, think of convincing Influencers to become your Brand Ambassador.

Apart from this, you should pay special attention to the persons who reach out to you. Like Influencers, they might also be interested in promoting your business in some way. So, acknowledge these persons who will do the ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising very easily.


Availability and Reciprocity

Make yourself available in the conversation and let the readers take the driving seat though you will be in charge of controlling the whole experience. Answer queries and offer assistance when appropriate. If you disappear after releasing the content, the audience will also do the same and find someone in your place. So, remain engaged and caring all the time.

Last but not the least, reciprocity works very well in the online world. In other words, if you participate in others conversation and share their contents periodically, they will return the same. And, it’s always wise and easy to grow together.

In the end, I agree that you might have a different opinion about this topic and am excited to know what you think of Social Media Marketing. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Feel free to express yourself in the comment section.

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